Revealing the Truth from the “Secret” Book of Lottery

Lottery can change your life like how it has changed Richard Lustig’s life.Twenty-seven years ago, this man had no intention at all to enter a lottery. He never bought a ticket and kept his life away from it. However, today we know him as a grand winner in lottery games. He has won at least 6 grand prizes from different lotteries. Now, he believes that he is on the right path to becoming the nation’s largest Powerball lottery winner.

The good news is, he is kind enough to share his own recipe to winning those lotteries. Instead of keeping the secrets to himself, he wrote a book about “Learn How to Increase Your Chances of Winning the Lottery.” As simple as it is, this book has everything you need to know about winning the prize. So, shall we start?


Forget about luck


In his book, Lustig said that if you want to win a lottery, you should forget about luck. you never need it. All you need is enough information to make the best strategy. Lottery is just like another game. If you do not know how to play it, there is no way you can win the game. So, you should learn about it at Togelbox

Never buy quick picks

Some people believe that computer can help them win a lottery. So, they choose quick picks instead of choosing the numbers manually. Well, the fact is, even quick picks cannot guarantee anything to you. Even though we know there are many people who win the prize using quick picks, there are also a lot more of them who lost due to the same reason.

Birthdays rarely work

For some people, birthdays usually bring some luck. This situation usually happens with newcomers. Well, it may be true under some circumstances, but not in a lottery. Anniversaries, birthdays, and other significant dates rarely give you the prize. It is because you are limiting your own chance. In Powerball lottery, for example, you have to choose between 1 and 69. However, if you limit yourself to those significant dates, you can only choose from 1 to 31. It means you have reduced your winning chance more than 50%.

Keep your numbers

Believe in what you have picked. It is almost impossible in any lottery game for the same winning numbers to re-appear. Therefore, if you keep the same numbers, you can increase your winning chance.

Don’t fall for scams

If you receive an email or phone call claiming that you’ve won a prize, but asking you to pay first, do not fall for it. It is impossible for you to win a lottery prize if you do not have a ticket. Besides, you should never pay anything before you receive the prize.

There is no ‘lottery curse’

In his book, he does admit that lottery may have ruined your life. There are people who won the prize in the past and instead of living a better life, they went bankrupt within a few years. However, it has nothing to do with lottery curse. They failed because they did not know how to handle their money. They spend the money without clearing all their debts first. You should never spend the money without paying your house debt, credit card, or any other loans you have. The prize will only be useful for you if you are debt-free.