How UK’s Book Lovers Win £18m Jackpot

If you think you should stop buying lottery tickets because your books tell you not to do it, you should re-consider about this. Recently, a couple of book enthusiasts from Bristol have won the UK’s Lotto lottery jackpot. The £18 million jackpot they win has also made them the older lottery winner in UK history.

After winning the jackpot, the couple, Dennis Banfield (87) and his wife, Shirley (83) spoke announced the good news to the media at a local hotel in Gloucestershire yesterday. The husband was so emotional during the press conference. Even though he never stops buying a lottery ticket every year, he never truly expected to win it. Even though his wife, Shirley, has stopped buying a ticket since a few years ago, Dennis won’t stop. He believes that spending his money to buy the ticket will at least other people who would win the jackpot.  He has no idea that yesterday, one of the men he always wants to help with his money would be himself.

When the media asked them about their plan on the jackpot, the couple decided that they will not keep the winnings to themselves. Instead, they will share it evenly with their daughters: Karen and Tina as well as other people in need. They believe the winnings are not theirs. The more they share it with other people, especially their family is the only way to enjoy the jackpot.

Perhaps, this is not a story we often heard. We’ve seen many people who won a jackpot in the past and they decided to keep the money to themselves. This couple teaches us that no one should ever do this. Sharing is better for everyone.

Their life story should teach us that there are still some good things in winning a lottery. Both Dennis and his wife, Shirley are not a wealthy couple. Their simple life teaches them not to keep things to themselves but to share it with other people.

The wife bought the winning ticket at a local newsagent in their city on a Saturday night. Her husband realized that they have won the lottery when Shirley read out the winner’s number, saying, “Who’d have those numbers?” Dennis soon replied, “I do.”

Speaking about their own plan after sharing the winnings with their daughters, the couple said they were thinking about replacing their current 3-door Nissan Micra with something better and roomier. Another plan in their mind is swapping their current 3-bedroom house. After living in the house for 57 years, they think it might be a good time to move into a new house. When telling the media what that house would look like, the wife told that at least it should have a workshop so Dennis can keep his hobby on woodworking. Also, they are not looking to spend all their fortune in the house as they still want to share as much as they can to other people. It’s nice, right? We don’t always see people like them who win a jackpot and are still thinking about other people.