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Edward D. Hess

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Professor Edward D. Hess has over 30 years of professional experience as a corporate, tax, and litigation attorney; investment banker on Wall Street and with a private billionaire family; and as a senior executive, strategist and consultant with a Big 5 consulting firm.

Professor Hess is a Professor of Business Administration and Batten Executive-in-Residence at the Darden School of Business at The University of Virginia. Previously at the Goizueta Business School of Emory University, he was an Adjunct Professor of Organization and Management and the Founder and Executive Director of The Center for Entrepreneurship and Corporate Growth and the Founder and Executive Director of The Values-Based Leadership Institute. Professor Hess’ disciplines are Strategy, Organic Growth and Corporate Entrepreneurship.

Mr. Hess has a diverse multi-disciplinary background in law, finance, strategy, change management, and leadership development. He has worked in most industry sectors other than oil and gas, and biotech. His experience includes M&A transactions, IPOs, workouts and recaps, joint ventures, private equity investments, litigation risk management, due diligence, strategic assessments, business models, management assessments, negotiations, trial experience, and entrepreneurial ventures. He has done business globally in Singapore, Japan, Australia, Canada, UK, Holland, France, Germany, and Puerto Rico. Mr. Hess has written over 45 commentaries on corporate finance, entrepreneurship, leadership, and strategic issues. His current research projects include:

  • Values-Based Leadership and High Performance Organizations

  • The Organic Growth Index

  • Organic Growth Systems, Processes and Portfolios

  • The Challenges of Private Company Growth

  • Scaling a Business

Professor Hess’ research, consulting, and writings on strategy, family businesses, entrepreneurship, organic growth, and leadership all have a common thread of inquiry: how does one create sustainable high performance organizations? What kinds of leadership, employee policies, execution processes, and accountability systems enhance one’s probability of creating a sustainable high performance business?



Darden Graduate School of Business Administration
Professor of Business Administration and Batten Executive-in-Residence

2002 – 2007

Goizueta Business School, Emory University
Adjunct Professor of Organization and Management
Founder and Executive Director of The Center for Entrepreneurship and
Corporate Growth
Founder and Executive Director of The Values-Based Leadership Institute
Distinguished Executive in Residence




New York University
LL.M. (Taxation) (Top 5% of Class – Estimate)


University of Virginia
J.D. (Top 25% of Class – Estimate)


University of Florida
B.S. (Magna Cum Laude)



1992 – 2002

Andersen Corporate Finance, LLC, Washington, D.C. & Atlanta
Worldwide Partner

1988 – 1991

Jones Lang Wootton, Washington, D.C.
Managing Director

1985 – 1988

Robert M. Bass Group, Fort Worth, Texas and Washington, D.C.
Vice President

1984 – 1985

Boettcher, Inc., Denver, Colorado
Senior Vice President and Member of the Investment Committee
Chief Operating General Partner
Member of the Executive Committee of Boettcher Properties, Ltd.

1982 – 1984

Hess Properties, Inc., Washington, D.C.

1981 – 1982

Warburg, Paribas, Becker, New York, New York
Managing Director

1975 – 1980

Carwile & Hess, Charlottesville, Virginia

1971 – 1975

Atlantic Richfield Corporation and Wender, Murase & White, New York, New York




University of Chicago Business School
The Directors’ Consortium


Advanced Strategy


Harvard Business School
Creating Corporate Advantage


Amos Tuck Business School
Hypercompetition Strategy


Wharton Business School
Wharton 2000


Harvard Business School
Creating Value Through Corporate Restructuring



Hess & Liedtka, The Physics of Business Growth: Mindsets, System & Processes
(Stanford University Press 2012)
Grow to Greatness: Smart Growth for Entrepreneurial Businesses 
(Stanford University Press 2012)
Growing An Entrepreneurial Business: Concepts & Cases
(Stanford University Press 2011)
Smart Growth: Building an Enduring Business by Managing the Risks of Growth
(Columbia Business School Publishing 2010)
The Search For Organic Growth, Hess &Kazanjian eds.,
(Cambridge University Press 2006)
Leading With Values: Positivity, Virtue & High Performance, Hess & Cameron, eds.,
(Cambridge University Press 2006)



The DNA of Growth v. The Myths of Growth 
(Darden Business Publishing 2012)
So, You Want To Start A Business? The 8 Key Business Concepts You Must Know
(Free Press 2008)
The Road To Organic Growth: How Great Companies Consistently Grow From Within 
(McGraw-Hill 2007)
The Successful Family Business: Proactively Managing Both the Family and the Business(Praeger/Greenwood 2005)
Make It Happen! Six Tools For Success
(EDH Ltd. 2001)




“Why Safe Growth Is the Real Key to Job Creation”, December 2012 (published or adapted in 3 media outlets)

“Growth to Greatness: Smart Growth for Entrepreneurial Business”, Ivey Business Journal, November/December 2012

“Innovation: Is the CFO an Enabler or Inhibitor,” Financial Executive Magazine, November 2012

“The Growth Gamble: Why Business Leaders Need a Vegas-Mindset to Successfully Grow”, October 2012 (published or adapted in nine media outlets)

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“Trial by Fire: Eight Ways to Fight Entrepreneurial Fires & Constantly Improve in the Process”, May 2012 (published or adapted by eight media outlets including Smart Retailer, Small Business Chicago and Print Professional)

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UVA–Darden MOOC: Grow to Greatness: Smart Growth for Private Businesses, Parts 1
& 2, (2013)

Cases and Teaching Notes

Barbara Lynch Gruppo: An Entrepreneurial Journey (UVA-ENT-0189, 2012)

Best Buy Co., Inc. (UVA-S-0142, 2007)

Best Buy Co., Inc. Teaching Note (UVA-S-0142TN, 2007)

Dell Inc. with Cassy Eriksson (UVA-S-0185, 2011)

Dell Inc. Teaching Note (UVA-S-0185TN, 2011)

The Coca Cola Company (UVA-S-0145, 2007)

The Home Depot, Inc. (UVA-S-0144, 2007)

The Home Depot, Inc. Teaching Note (UVA-S-0144TN, 2007)

McDonald’s Corporation with Shizuka Modica (UVA-S-0147, 2008)

Starbucks Corporation (A) with Cassy Eriksson (UVA-S-0175, 2010)

Starbucks Corporation (A) Teaching Note (UVA-S-0175TN, 2011)

Starbucks Corporation (B) with Cassy Eriksson (UVA-S-0176, 2010)

Starbucks Corporation (B) Teaching Note (UVA-S-0176TN, 2011)

Stryker Corporation with Cassy Eriksson (UVA-S-0174, 2010)

Sysco Corporation (UVA-S-0140, 2007)

Sysco Corporation Teaching Note (UVA-S-0140TN, 2007)

Tiffany & Company (UVA-S-0141, 2007)

Tiffany & Company Teaching Note (UVA-S-0141TN, 2007)

The United Parcel Service of America, Inc. (UVA-S-0143, 2007)

The United Parcel Service of America, Inc. Teaching Note (UVA-S-0143TN, 2007)

3 Fellers Bakery (UVA-ENT-0137, 2009)

3 Fellers Bakery Teaching Note (UVA-ENT-0137TN, 2010)

Appalachian Commercial Cleaners: Family Dynamics Versus the Business (UVA-ENT-
0126, 2009)

Better World Books with Gosia Glinska (UVA-ENT-0146, 2010)

C.R. Barger & Sons, Inc. (A) with Shizuka Modica (UVA-ENT-0106, 2008)

C.R. Barger & Sons, Inc. (B) with Shizuka Modica, (UVA-ENT-0107, 2008)

C.R. Barger & Sons, Inc. (A) and (B) Teaching Note (UVA-ENT-0106TN, 2010)

Cordia Harrington: The Rise of the Bun Lady with Gosia Glinska (UVA-ENT-0129,

Defender Direct, Inc.: A Business of Growing Leaders (UVA-ENT-0115, 2009)

Defender Direct, Inc.: A Business of Growing Leaders Teaching Note (UVA-ENT-
0115TN, 2010)

Edens & Avant (UVA-S-0146, 2007)

Edens & Avant Teaching Note (UVA-S-0146TN, 2008)

Enchanting Travels with Monidipa Mukherjee, and Sanju Jacob (UVA-ENT-0144, 2009)

Enchanting Travels Teaching Note (UVA-ENT-0144TN, 2010)

Eyebobs Eyewear, Inc. with Gosia Glinska (UVA-ENT-0139, 2009)

Freedom Technology Services (UVA-ENT-0127, 2009)

Global Medical Imaging, LLC with Gosia Glinska (UVA-ENT-0143, 2009)

Green Copier Recycling (UVA-ENT-0125, 2009)

Hass Shoes (UVA-ENT-0142, 2009)

Impact Makers with Jenny Mead and Patricia H. Werhane (UVA-E-0342, 2009)

James Abrams @ Clockwork Home Services, Inc.: Lessons from a Serial Entrepreneur
with Gosia Glinska (UVA-ENT-0117, 2009)

Jeff Bowling at the Delta Companies: From Baseball Coach to CEO with Gosia Glinska
(UVA-ENT-0114, 2009)

Jonathan Virginia, Inc. (UVA-ENT-0135, 2009)

Leaders Bank: Creating a Great Place to Work with Gosia Glinska (UVA-ENT-0128,

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LG Investments, LLC: A Family Business in Generational Transition (B) (UVA-ENT-
0124, 2009)

LG Investments, LLC: A Family Business in Generational Transition (C) (UVA-ENT-
0133, 2009)

LG Investments, LLC: A Family Business in Generational Transition (D) (UVA-ENT-
0134, 2009)

LG Investments, LLC: A Family Business in Generational Transition (A) – (D) Teaching
Note (UVA-ENT-0134TN, 2010)

Mellace Family Brands, Inc.: Building a Socially Responsible Enterprise with Gosia
Glinska (UVA-ENT-0118, 2009)

Mellace Family Brands, Inc.: Building a Socially Responsible Enterprise Teaching Note
(UVA-ENT-0118TN, 2010)

Motor City: A Disruptive Business Model (A) (UVA-ENT-0130, 2009)

Motor City: A Disruptive Business Model (B) (UVA-ENT-0131, 2009)

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Room & Board (UVA-S-0150, 2008)

Room & Board Teaching Note (UVA-S-0150TN, 2010)

Sammy Snacks (B) (UVA-OM-1350, 2008)

Sammy Snacks (C) (UVA-OM-1398, 2009)

Sammy Snacks (D) (UVA-OM-1399, 2009)

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SecureWorks with Gosia Glinska (UVA-S-0140, 2009)

SecureWorks Teaching Note (UVA-S-0140TN, 2010)

Students Helping Honduras (UVA-ENT-0105, 2009)

Students Helping Honduras Teaching Note (UVA-ENT-0105TN, 2010)

Trilogy Health Services, LLC: Building a Great Service Company with Gosia Glinska
(UVA-ENT-0122, 2009)

Valley-Wide Health Systems, Inc. (UVA-ENT-0145, 2009)

Technical Notes

Creating a Growth Portfolio (UVA-S-0199, 2011)

Learning Launches: Growth Results From Experimental Learning (UVA-S-0198, 2011)

Growth Is Much More Than a Strategy: It’s a System (UVA-S-0197, 2011)

Growth Is the Dynamic Confluence of Strategy, Entrepreneurship & Values (UVA-S-
0196, 2011)

Why Everything You Know About Growth Is Probably Wrong (UVA-S-0172, 2010)

Designing Learning Launches with Jeanne M. Liedtka (UVA-BP-0529, 2009)

Technical Notes

Why Everything You Know About Growth Is Probably Wrong (UVA-S-0172, 2010)

Designing Learning Launches with Jeanne M. Liedtka (UVA-BP-0529, 2009)

Working Papers, Models, and Teaching Materials

Organic Growth: Lessons From Market Leaders (2007)

People Centric Leadership, Good Intentions Are Not Enough (2009)

The “Secrets” of Enduring Business High Performance (2011)

The Darden Growth/Innovation Model with Professor Jeanne Liedtka (2009)

A Growth System Audit (2009)

A Growth Risks Audit (2009)

A Growth Decision Template (2010)

A Growth Planning Template (2010)



The Organic Growth Index

The Characteristics of High Organic Growth Companies

Managing the Risks of Growth

The Challenges of Managing High Growth Private Companies

The Myths of Growth

Smart Growth: Building Enduring Businesses

Humanizing the Capital Markets

Growth Systems

Growth Processes

Growth Is Behavioral

Learning Cultures



Grant Thornton CEO Growth Forum San Francisco – 
October, 2012

Smart Growth: Innovation & Operational Excellence CSC Leading Edge Forum, London – September, 2012

Grant Thornton CEO Growth Forum Dallas –
May, 2012

“Smart Growth: Technology as an Enabler of Growth” 
CSC Leading Edge Forum, Washington, D.C. – March, 2012

Enduring Excellence
Pitney Bowes – December, 2011

Grant Thornton CEO Growth Forum Charlotte –
November, 2011

The “Secrets” of Enduring Business High Performance
Genworth Financial ALM – January, 2011

The “Truth” About Growth
NIRI (National Investor Relations Institute) Senior Roundtable – December 10, 2010

INNOVATION: A Path to Growth in Executive Education
UNICON (The International University Consortium for Executive Education) –
November, 2010

Thinking Differently About Growth
The 5th Annual CFO Rising Conference & Expo, Las Vegas – October 25, 2010

What Do Customers Want?
SWaMFest VI (Small Women- and Minority-owned businesses) – October 13, 2010

People-Centric Leadership; Good Intentions Are Not Enough
Harris Corporation – 2009

Growth Is More Than a Strategy
Hanley Wood – 2009

Entrepreneurial Opportunities – Start-Ups & Growth Businesses
Southwest Virginia Technology Development Center –May 6, 2009

So, You Want to Start a Business?
Batten Institute and Charlottesville-Albemarle Chamber of Commerce – December 2,

The Challenges of Organic Growth

ING Canada Leadership Institute – 2007



Managing Smaller Enterprises

The Challenges of Organic Growth in Public Companies



Over 460 different Executive Education Classes on Growth, Strategy, Servant Leadership and Entrepreneurial Leadership in Darden Open-Enrollment and Custom Programs including The Executive Program (TEP), Management Development Programs (MDP), Leading Organic Growth (LOG), and custom programs for Harris Corporation, Cigna, Pitney Bowes, Norfolk Southern, Genworth Financial, Unilever Russia, Westinghouse Nuclear, Timken, Alpha Natural Resources, Algeco-Scottsman, UTC, Dover Corporation, FTI Consulting and Glen Raven Corporation


Recent Darden & Community SERVICE

Special Assistant to the Dean for Executive Education

Executive Education Search Committee

Mission Statement Review Committee

D.C. Strategy Task Force

Faculty Executive Education Committee

Batten Institute Incubator Selection Committee

Batten Innovation Roundtable

Delegate, Jefferson Innovation Summit

Talks to Darden Alumni in Atlanta, Richmond, Denver, Dallas, and Boston

Batten Fireside Chat

Batten & Charlottesville Chamber of Commerce talk on entrepreneurship

Facilitated Darden Alumni Panels on Entrepreneurship & Servant Leadership

Speech to the Albemarle County Rotary Club

Speech to the public at the Southwest Virginia Technology Development Center and
engaged its Board in a discussion of growth systems

Taught high school seniors a ½ day course on starting a business at Southwest Virginia
Community College

Speech to Managers at the University of Virginia Housing Department

At the request of the University of Virginia delivered two seminars at the 2010

SWAMfest (Small- Women- and Minority-owned businesses) Conference in Richmond

Webinar for the not-for-profit National Arts Strategies

Speech at UNICON (The International University Consortium for Executive Education)

Speech at Georgetown University McDonough School of Business

Speech at the National Investor Relations Institute Executive Leadership Conference

Speech at CFO West Conference



The Beach Company – Charleston, SC

Computer Science Corporation Leading Edge Forum – Washington, DC

Edens – Columbia, SC

Evans Construction Company – Orangeburg, SC

Genworth Financial – Richmond, VA

Glen Raven Corporation – Burlington, NC

Grant Thornton, LLC, Chicago, IL

Harris Corporation – Melbourne, FL

Hixon Properties – San Antonio, TX

Investure LLC – Charlottesville, VA

Jonathan Virginia, Inc. – Charlottesville, VA

Pitney Bowes – Stamford, CT

Ponderosa LLC – San Antonio, TX

Sequa Corporation – New York, NY

Western Southern Financial – Cincinnati, OH

Wilkinson O’Grady – New York, NY

Winston-Salem Development Partners – Winston-Salem, NC

W.R. Berkley Corporation, Stamford, Conn



Smart Growth book was named a Top 25 Business Book of 2010 for Business Owners
by Inc. Magazine

Smart Growth book was named a Top 10 Business Book for 2010 by Toronto Globe

Smart Growth book received the Wachovia Award for Research Excellence in 2010