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Bottom line…to be innovative, you must be willing to accept failure.
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Why Everything You Think You Know About Business Growth Is Wrong

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The Batten Institute Introduces Powerful New Initiatives and Resources to advance Entrepreneurship and Innovation Research 
-Professor Edward Hess’s Book “Smart Growth” Named a Top Business Book of 2010
(Press Release, January 24, 2011)

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Smart Growth by Edward D. Hess
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The Small Business Recession Plan “B”: How to Create the Six-Part Contingency Plan That Will Help You Guide Your Business Through the Storm
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Small Firms: Stacking The Odds In A Crisis; Entrepreneurs finding ways to thrive in hard times
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The $tart-Up $olution: Some Surprising Reasons Why Our “Bad Economy” Is a GREAT Time to Start Your Own Business
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Should I Grow My Business? 6 Questions to Ask Before Expanding”
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Darden’s Batten Institute Announces that Decade-Long Study of Corporate Earnings Points the Way to Outperforming Stocks
Prof. Ed Hess’ “OGI” Identifies 27 Organic Growth All-Stars Whose Stock Bested S&P 500 by Factor of Ten over Ten-Year Period-“Organic Growth Index” Proves Key to Uncovering Consistent Earnings and Stock Performance in Both Bull and Bear Markets”
(Batten Institute Press Release, March 14, 2008)

Media Hits for the book “So, You Want to Start A Business?: 8 Steps to Take Before Making the Leap.”

Corporate Growth Expert Ed Hess Joins Darden School Of Business Faculty As Executive-In-Residence Of Batten Institute”
(PR Newswire, July 10, 2007)

Rules of Engagement: Three Simple Tips For Engaging Employees and Working Toward Consistent Organic Growth
(Press Release, April 2007)

Wholesome Organic Profits: The Six Keys to Growing Your Company the Old-Fashioned Way
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