Lottery Master Guide

Gail Howard

 (Smart Luck Publishers, 2003)

This book is your ultimate guide to lottery. It contains every fool-proof methods you can try to increase your winning chance in lottery.

Lottery Master Guide is probably the best book about lottery we have until today. Despite the fact it was published 15 years ago, the content is still relevant until today. Secrets, tricks, and everything you need to know about lottery is written in this book. Gail Howard himself told that if you are serious to win a lottery game, the first thing you should do is read this book, the holy scripture of lottery.

Fifteen years have passed and today there are so many books about lottery out there. While they try so hard to reveal every secret information about lottery and how to win this game, none of them is even close enough to beat Lottery Master Guide. This book is your virtual library of all known information about lottery.

The past, present, and future of this lucrative game is already here inside this book. It has every information shared among the world’s top lottery players, those who have won serious jackpots int he past. It is the only book meant for those who believe that lottery is not just a mere game of luck, but a game that requires rock-solid strategies to win.

Inside this book, you will find some of the most notorious strategies in lottery history, including how most lottery games work, how they pick the number, how they count the odds, the most frequent drawn number, and even things you should do if you win the prize.

Gail Howard put all his knowledge and experience into this book, to make sure wherever you play lottery, you will always have the key to win the prize. Powerball, Pick-10, Keno, MegaMillions, Banco, or anything else. Most lottery games run on the same system. There has been only slight changes made to modern lottery than we used to have during the early infancy of Lotto games. Thanks to this, once you mastered all secrets inside the book, you will have the secrets that only the best lottery players have.

One of the most interesting thing you will find in this book is the author himself teaches you on how to pick the most likely winning number. After spending years playing various lottery games, he finally found a unique pattern on those winning numbers. Find out how to spot those numbers by reading this book.

Today, it is estimated that at least 100 lottery jackpot winners secured their victory after reading this holy scripture of lottery by Gail Howard. If this book can help them win the prize, why should you wait?

A masterpiece

Normal Lynn
Thank you so much for this incredible book, especially your fantastic Smart Luck systems. I used it only once to test how it works and guess what? I won $35,060.02 from Florida Fantasy 5. It was so amazing. Thank you so much. I will make sure everyone knows about this incredible book.