Lottery Little Book: Win the Lottery Daily! (Super Edition) (Volume 1) Review

Lottery Little Book: Win the Lottery Daily! (Super Edition) (Volumen 1)

(Author Encoe, 2013)


A small book with vast knowledge. This book offers a universe of small, yet useful tips you can use to win lottery games on daily basis. There is no need for complex trick that you have to learn for several days or weeks before you can actually use them. Author Encoe uses his experience in online betting to deliver some of the biggest secrets in betting that only few experts know. Are you ready to learn about them?

It is so far one of the best book about lottery you will ever read. In the very least, this book teaches you how to identify betting trends in the past few days or even weeks. Finding the trend is crucial because once it stays consistent for a few days or even weeks, most likely it will stay the same when you play the game and therefore, increasing your winning chance. 

This book also shows that how by learning only 3 – 4 games, you can actually learn the whole system in any lotto game. That’s why we recommend this book. You don’t have to learn every game you want to join. With only 3 – 4 games in the beginning, your winning can continue to any other game you want to bet. 

One of the easiest trick you can learn from this book is the counterpart/shadow system. This system teaches you how easy it is to win by isolating a certain amount of numbers from a trending group (you will learn about this subject in this book, as well). These are the most frequently drawn numbers and most likely they will also come out in the next drawing. Bet on these numbers and most likely you will win 🙂  

With this book, you can play any lottery game without hassle because you already know the secret. There is no more worrying like you did in the past. There will be no more feeling upset because you picked the wrong set of numbers. This book grants you the felling of excitement and hope for every lotto game you want to join in the future. With just a simple understanding of how the games work and statistic, you can secure your winning in any game. You will know which number that will most likely be drawn and nothing can stop you from claiming the prize. 

Precious information like this can’t be given by someone who just entered the gambling industry or those with only months in their pockets. The author of this book has collected years of experience in playing various lottery games. He studied various lottery games just to let you know the secret of each game. Even though there are some typos and grammar errors in this book, you can easily ignore them since the author is not a native English. The errors are there, but the knowledge are far more important. 

With his knowledge being poured into this book, at least hundreds of online bettors have grasped their victories. What’s more interesting is that the book is fairly easy to understand. You don’t have to be a gambling expert to understand every word in this book. Even an amateur player can quickly understand the trick and that’s another reason we love this book so much.