How to Win a Scratch-off Lottery

Some of you may be familiar with scratch-off games or scratchers. The game is quite simple. You have to scratch the ticket with a tool, a coin usually, to find out whether you win or not.

Unlike other lottery games, scratch off prize is instant. You can cash out the prize nearly at any lottery retail store.

There are so many people who have won this game for so many times, including me. Now, I want to share some important keys that have led me so far to this point. With just one simple tip, I could win as much as $500 in instant. Now, it’s your time to win the same prize or even more than that 🙂

This tip is not a cheat. It doesn’t cheat the system or whatsoever. Instead, it increases your chance of winning a scratch-off lottery.

Let’s start with my first rule. No matter how urged you are to win the jackpot prize, the chance of winning that game is very slim. There are only 8 – 10 jackpot tickets out of millions they sell nowadays. If you want to win a prize, you will get more chances of winning the low tier. The prize may be less than the jackpot, but the more often you win, the amount you win can even surpass the biggest prize.

Now, here comes my second tip. You should play new games.

When I talk about playing a new game, I am referring to a brand new scratch-off lottery game that is recently published, in less than the last 4 months. This brand-new game offers higher winning chance than any game. Another reason is, older games usually have fewer prizes for you to win. Most of them have been claimed by other people and what’s left for you is just the small ones. In some cases, you can’t even win the smallest prize because the game is too old and everyone else has cleared the prize. But, everything is completely different with the new games.

New games are still fresh and packed with big prizes. They have everything from the smallest one to thousands of dollars for you to claim. These prizes are waiting for you.

There is a way to find out how much money you can win from a new scratch-off game. You can easily reach the cashier and ask which games they just cashed out recently. You can also check their websites as most lottery websites today regularly update their sites about recently cashed out prizes. With this information in mind, you can easily find out the chance of winning a specific prize.

Make sure you remember one important thing. Winning a scratch-off lottery game is not about winning the biggest fish. You can still win, even though with a smaller prize. You can still win $50, $100, or even $500. The amount may be smaller than the biggest fish, but still, if you can win it more often, the total amount can beat those who win the jackpot.

So, what do you think about it?