Everything you Should Know about Lottery Odds?

Despite being one of the most played games throughout the world, there are still many things we don’t know about lottery. In fact, there are some people who think that this game runs on its own. There are no rules and the only way you can win the game is just by relying on your own luck. If you don’t win, you are not lucky for that day. If you are lucky enough, at least you will win a prize, even the small tier ones.

Well, here is the fact. That’s not how lottery works. There are rules everywhere, including in lottery. Simply said, the bookmakers use these rules to increase their profit while making sure there will be still a winner from every game. That’s how they create the odds. It is not just a random number they pick and to guess that number, you also need your luck. Once again, that’s not how this game works.

Now, to help you better understand this game, we have compiled two most frequently asked questions about lottery odds. There are only maybe two of them, but we hope they can help you get better insight on this game.

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How high is the odds for winning the lottery?

You might have heard that winning a lottery is close to impossible. Some people even say that the chance for you to be struck by lightning is higher than winning a lottery. That’s not completely true. Even if we combine the odds from winning small tier prizes and huge jackpots, the chance is still high for anyone to win the prize.

Let me show you an example. In 1996, there were more than 1,100 people who played North American lotteries. In total, they won at least $1 million. In addition, there were more than 4,250 people who won at least $100,000 from the same lottery game. Meanwhile, in the same year, there were only 91 people in that area who were struck by lightning. As you can see, the number of combined lottery winners (5,300 people) was still far greater than those who were killed by lightning (91).


I just purchased 6 lottery tickets with 0.25 odds, but none of these tickets is the winning ticket. Does this mean the winning ticket is not drawn randomly?


For your information, lottery applies the same principle as coin tossing. The probability is high that the same side would appear more often than other sides in a row. It can happen even with high odds. Randomness is the very core value of a lottery game. That means every ticket has the same chance of being drawn as the winning ticket and no one knows the winning number.

In your case, 0.25 odds means there is 1 winning ticket and 3 losing ticket in every 4 tickets you have. See, even the total number is still less than 6 tickets you have. The more tickets you have, the higher your chance of winning the prize. However, let’s not forget that you are not the only one with the tickets. Probably, you just have all the losing tickets and someone else have the winning one. This is a complete randomness, so let’s not blame the system.

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