SO, YOU WANT TO START A BUSINESS?: 8 Steps to Take Before Making the Leap

Edward D. Hess and Charles F. Goetz

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More than 5,000,000 new businesses are started each year…but 70% of them will fail. Now, two renowned experts on entrepreneurship identify the 8 “killer mistakes” that cause most business failures–and give you the knowledge, tools, and hands-on advice to avoid them, so you can build a business that thrives. Unlike other books on entrepreneurship, this book focuses on the crucial operational issues associated with consistent profitability. You’ll learn how to identify the right opportunities and customers; design winning products and services; set the right prices; overcome customer inertia; avoid common day-to-day management mistakes; find and keep good employees; and finally, smoothly manage growth. Throughout, the authors draw on real life entrepreneurial experiences, case studies, and leading-edge research. There’s nothing theoretical here: This is fast-paced, 100% practical advice you can use to make your business dreams and goals come true–starting right now.

What really makes a successful entrepreneur?
What they do, how they act…and how to find your best path to business success

Get the 3 “Ws” right from the start
What will you sell, who will buy it–and why will they buy it?

55 simple, indispensable rules for success
What you must know about customers, competitors, and your employees

The art and science of managing people, operations, and growth
Create processes, set priorities, maximize quality, measure people–and improve every day



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“Hess and Goetz present a roadmap for how to avoid the things that can cause you to stumble and how to build a business the right way.”

-Jeff Zeigler
CEO,, Austin, TX

“When I started my graphic design business, I knew I had enough talent to impress and keep my clients, but I struggled with the day to day running of the business. So, You Want To Start A Business? is the blueprint I needed to get organized and put all the right things in place.”

-Kory Bailey
Owner, Creative Counterpart

“I used So, You Want to Start a Business? to restructure my furniture hardware company. The book was full of applicable information that I have used and will continue to incorporate into my company. I couldn’t ask for a better resource.”

– Adam Prestwood
Vice President, Pampco, Inc.

“Practical, sensible advice to anyone starting a business. A great short course in entrepreneurship.”

– Billy D. Prim
Chairman and CEO, Primo Water Corporation, Winston-Salem, NC

“This is exactly the kind of book first time entrepreneurs always needed but was never available. Everyone who is thinking about becoming an entrepreneur must read this book.”

– Dr. E.W. Leonard
Associate Dean, Executive MBA Program, Goizueta Business School, Emory University

“Here is the straight story about being a successful entrepreneur from people who have been one and taught many. Clear, practical, and concise, this book delivers the goods.”

– Andy Fleming
Principal, Core Growth Partners, Atlanta, GA

“Solid advice for building and growing a sustainable business.”

– Andrew Bourne
CEO, WayPoint Technologies, Phoenix, AZ

“Professor Hess’s book has helped me improve my services and make clients feel appreciated, respected, and most of all, like they’re getting a great service at a fair price.”

– Sammy Starnes
Owner, Hair Concepts, Inc.

“A treasure trove of information! I just started my company, and I have to say that this book helped me make the right decisions from the very beginning.”

– Derica Justice
Owner, Bon Bini Print & Design

“This is a great practical guide with lessons and insights for anyone who want to start a business. You will go back to it again and again.”

– Ned Morgens
CEO,, Atlanta, GA

“Whether you are a striving young entrepreneur or a middle-aged person with the courage to trust your wits, this book is indispensible.”

– Ben Dyer
General Partner, Cordova Ventures, Atlanta, GA

“A must read for entrepreneurs who want to know what it really takes to launch a successful small business.”

– Jay Myers
CEO, Interactive Solutions, Inc., Memphis, TN

“A precise, pragmatic, wisdom-dropping, rich read. The authors walk the talk.”

– Jim Christian
CEO,, Denver, CO

“A powerful book full of good how-to advice.”

– Philippe Sommer
Director of Entrepreneurship Programs, Batten Institute, Darden School of Business, Charlottesville, VA

“This book is a great primer and an excellent reference book for an entrepreneur.”

– Walter Negley
CEO, TSP, Houston, TX