THE ROAD TO ORGANIC GROWTH: How Great Companies Consistently Grow Market Share from Within

Edward D. Hess

(McGraw Hill, 2007)

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A two-year study of more than 800 companies found that the successful ones had a passion for measurement, customer service, and an employee-centric organization.

The Road to Organic Growth shows you how to develop this kind of company at both the managerial and executive level, implementing key value-driving behaviors necessary to achieve sustainable growth from within-without mergers, acquisitions, or takeovers.

Edward Hess demonstrates that the real keys to organic growth are an intense focus on measurement and performance, consistently exceeding customer expectations, maintaining a strict attention to detail, and building an employee-centric organization. He goes on to show how to link these elements into a proven formula for long-term growth and competitive advantage.

Featuring compelling real-world examples from leading companies such as Best Buy, SYSCO, Stryker Corporation, Outback Steakhouse, and American Eagle, readers will learn:

• The DNA of organic growth
• The elevator-pitch business model
• How to instill a “small-company soul” into a “big company body”
• Why to measure everything
• How to build a people pipeline
• The effectiveness of a humble, passionate and focused leader
• How to be a executive and technology champion

Basing his recommendations on original research, interviews, and in-depth corporate studies, Hess backs up his conclusions with solid statistical data.

The Road to Organic Growth offers fresh, new, and often-surprising perspectives from the field on what it really takes to foster organic growth.


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“Ed Hess has created a brilliant book. It is a must read for anyone interested in how organizations succeed. He provides compelling evidence that popular prescriptions for business success are frequently misguided. This book will be a classic and may cause business management to rethink its fundamental assumptions”.

– Professor Kim Cameron
Ross School of Business, University of Michigan

“Professor Hess provides actionable take-aways for businesses looking to grow organically. He clearly sees the future of American business and the workplace”.

– Patrick S. Flood
Chairman & CEO, HomeBanc Mortgage Corp.

“The Road to Organic Growth illuminates the keys that separate the best performers. One of the best reads of the year”.

– Gary Bouch
Senior Vice President-Operations, FedEx Freight

“Professor Hess has done a wonderful job of teaching us to look beyond the numbers to the character and soul of great enterprises”.

– Darren Jackson
Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, Best Buy Co., Inc.