Make it Happen! Six Tools for Success

Edward D. Hess

(EDH LTD., 2000)

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Do you want to achieve more?

Do you sometimes feel you have little control over your life?

Can you compete in the new economy?

Do you want to learn how to have more control over your life and better manage your life?

The premise of this book is that in a hypercompetitive world everyone must take more ownership over his or her own life and proactively manage it to achieve his or her goals. Make-it-happen life tools that leverage six basic management tools-Strategic Fit; Management by Objectives; Chunking; Risk/Reward Decision-Making; Mental Rehearsal; and Mental Replay-will help you manage your life and achieve more one day at a time. These tools are designed to help you:

1. Determine your goals;
2. Find your strategic fit;
3. Play to your strengths
4. Prioritize your actions;
5. Chunk your action plan into bite-size, achievable parts;
6. Focus your time and energy;
7. Measure your progress
8. Make better decisions;
9. Better prepare to act; and
10. Learn from your actions.



“Make it Happen! grabbed me as superbly motivational and fun. It is perfect for motivating your employees to be more proactive and to continually work toward self-improvement. Its wisdom and good old common sense can help deal with rapid change and escalating competitive conditions. So it is a must in today’s hypercompetitive world.”

– Richard D’Aveni
Author of Hypercompetition and Professor of Strategic Management, Tuck School at Dartmouth CollegE

“A rapidly changing and unpredictable world requires all of us to take more responsibility for our lives-both personally and professionally. Ed draws on an impressive career that encompasses law, investment banking and management consulting to discuss some basic management tools and to present some very easy to follow exercises that will help readers do just that. Anyone who follows his suggestions cannot help but feel more confident about operating in a world of constant change.”

– Dr. William E. Fulmer
Senior Fellow and Senior Vice President Executive Development Center, Harvard Business School