LEADING WITH VALUES: Positivity, Virtue & High Performance

Edward D. Hess and Kim S. Cameron

(Cambridge University Press, 2006)

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Values-based leadership is based upon honesty, respect, trust and dignity, and it regards every employee within a company as a valued human being. This book describes the characteristics of leaders who focus on positivity and virtues to create and sustain highly successful organizations such as Synovus Financial Corporation, HomeBanc Mortgage Company, and the United States Marine Corps. It also addresses leader mistakes and forgiveness, and how difficulties and challenges can be overcome to achieve spectacular results. This inspiring book offers practical advice that can be applied to individual leadership styles and roles. As society tries to rebound from the recent scandals involving fraud, financial improprieties, and unethical behavior among its leadership, the fundamental message of Leading with Values is clear: acting ethically and virtuously, and treating all stakeholders with respect and dignity, can create extraordinary outcomes without sacrificing performance and profits.


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“Great leaders inspire people to be their best. They help us to see the meaning in our work and how we are contributing to a better world. Hess & Cameron have collected fantastic examples, showing that positive values drive results and that being good is good for business. Read it. You’ll remember why you were first excited with your work – and maybe find a way to recapture that enthusiasm.”

– Professor Richard E. Boyatzis
Departments of Organizational Behavior and Psychology, Case Western Reserve University

“This book brings together the best of positive organizational studies and values-based leadership scholarship, providing readers with a nice blend of principle and practice, of what is and what can be, of leaders and organizations doing well and doing good.”

– Professor David A. Whetten
Marriott School of Management, Brigham Young University