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Be Prudent After You Win A Lottery

Let’s understand one important thing about the lottery. Even if you win $1 million jackpot, it does not necessarily make you a millionaire. Instead, it will only make you a thousandaire.

How is it possible? Let me explain it to you 🙂

Many people are surprised when I told them that even if they win a huge amount of prize from a lottery, they will not receive the whole prize immediately. In fact, they will have to wait for 20 – 25 years until they receive the prize, after the tax. Each year during that 20 – 25 years, they will receive around $50,000, before tax. Depending on your situation and state, you may be also required to pay additional income tax. In most cases, you will be left with only $36,000 per year or even less, depending on those extra taxes.

That’s not all. Do you realize that the $36,000 per year you receive today could only afford $11,225 lifestyle in the future, right after you received your last part of the prize? Yep, all thanks to the inflation. You get more today to get less in the future. Surprised? Well, you are not the first one.

There is another option, though. You can get the whole prize as a lump sum, but only if your state allows it. As long as we know, this option is only available in Oregon, Ohio, Colorado, and Arizona. Furthermore, the state clearly limits that this option should only be given to new winners. That means if you ever win the prize, you will be left with no option, but receiving the prize in 20 – 25 years.

As for the lump sum, this is not a better option from the first one. The tax is incredibly higher from the first option. If you choose this option, you will have to pay 40 – 50% tax. This rate will leave you with around 50% of the prize, which is quite normal.

If you turn the money on some kind of investment with at least 10% of annual return, you can double the prize every 7.2 years. If in the 7th year, you have received $252,000 without investment, then if you invest your money, you would have around $504,000 at the end of the same year. At my point of view, at the end everything will depend on you. You should know how to manage your funds and make money out of it. The lottery may grant you millions of dollar, but in fact you will not receive that much. It will up to you to make your fortune. You can choose any kind of investment, but make sure the return rate is at least 10% to make it worth your effort. This is because you will only see the ‘considerable’ amount after years of investment. Don’t lose to the tax if you can make more money out of it.

How to Win a Scratch-off Lottery

Some of you may be familiar with scratch-off games or scratchers. The game is quite simple. You have to scratch the ticket with a tool, a coin usually, to find out whether you win or not.

Unlike other lottery games, scratch off prize is instant. You can cash out the prize nearly at any lottery retail store.

There are so many people who have won this game for so many times, including me. Now, I want to share some important keys that have led me so far to this point. With just one simple tip, I could win as much as $500 in instant. Now, it’s your time to win the same prize or even more than that 🙂

This tip is not a cheat. It doesn’t cheat the system or whatsoever. Instead, it increases your chance of winning a scratch-off lottery.

Let’s start with my first rule. No matter how urged you are to win the jackpot prize, the chance of winning that game is very slim. There are only 8 – 10 jackpot tickets out of millions they sell nowadays. If you want to win a prize, you will get more chances of winning the low tier. The prize may be less than the jackpot, but the more often you win, the amount you win can even surpass the biggest prize.

Now, here comes my second tip. You should play new games.

When I talk about playing a new game, I am referring to a brand new scratch-off lottery game that is recently published, in less than the last 4 months. This brand-new game offers higher winning chance than any game. Another reason is, older games usually have fewer prizes for you to win. Most of them have been claimed by other people and what’s left for you is just the small ones. In some cases, you can’t even win the smallest prize because the game is too old and everyone else has cleared the prize. But, everything is completely different with the new games.

New games are still fresh and packed with big prizes. They have everything from the smallest one to thousands of dollars for you to claim. These prizes are waiting for you.

There is a way to find out how much money you can win from a new scratch-off game. You can easily reach the cashier and ask which games they just cashed out recently. You can also check their websites as most lottery websites today regularly update their sites about recently cashed out prizes. With this information in mind, you can easily find out the chance of winning a specific prize.

Make sure you remember one important thing. Winning a scratch-off lottery game is not about winning the biggest fish. You can still win, even though with a smaller prize. You can still win $50, $100, or even $500. The amount may be smaller than the biggest fish, but still, if you can win it more often, the total amount can beat those who win the jackpot.

So, what do you think about it?

Everything you Should Know about Lottery Odds?

Despite being one of the most played games throughout the world, there are still many things we don’t know about lottery. In fact, there are some people who think that this game runs on its own. There are no rules and the only way you can win the game is just by relying on your own luck. If you don’t win, you are not lucky for that day. If you are lucky enough, at least you will win a prize, even the small tier ones.

Well, here is the fact. That’s not how lottery works. There are rules everywhere, including in lottery. Simply said, the bookmakers use these rules to increase their profit while making sure there will be still a winner from every game. That’s how they create the odds. It is not just a random number they pick and to guess that number, you also need your luck. Once again, that’s not how this game works.

Now, to help you better understand this game, we have compiled two most frequently asked questions about lottery odds. There are only maybe two of them, but we hope they can help you get better insight on this game.

Note: (Prediksi Togel websites like www.ensys.net can help increase your insight to this game.)


How high is the odds for winning the lottery?

You might have heard that winning a lottery is close to impossible. Some people even say that the chance for you to be struck by lightning is higher than winning a lottery. That’s not completely true. Even if we combine the odds from winning small tier prizes and huge jackpots, the chance is still high for anyone to win the prize.

Let me show you an example. In 1996, there were more than 1,100 people who played North American lotteries. In total, they won at least $1 million. In addition, there were more than 4,250 people who won at least $100,000 from the same lottery game. Meanwhile, in the same year, there were only 91 people in that area who were struck by lightning. As you can see, the number of combined lottery winners (5,300 people) was still far greater than those who were killed by lightning (91).


I just purchased 6 lottery tickets with 0.25 odds, but none of these tickets is the winning ticket. Does this mean the winning ticket is not drawn randomly?


For your information, lottery applies the same principle as coin tossing. The probability is high that the same side would appear more often than other sides in a row. It can happen even with high odds. Randomness is the very core value of a lottery game. That means every ticket has the same chance of being drawn as the winning ticket and no one knows the winning number.

In your case, 0.25 odds means there is 1 winning ticket and 3 losing ticket in every 4 tickets you have. See, even the total number is still less than 6 tickets you have. The more tickets you have, the higher your chance of winning the prize. However, let’s not forget that you are not the only one with the tickets. Probably, you just have all the losing tickets and someone else have the winning one. This is a complete randomness, so let’s not blame the system.

Source: Prediksi SGP, Prediksi HK, Prediksi Sidney

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In his book, Lottery Hack Book, Michael A Muse spoiled the secret of some famous lottery winners. Instead of claiming the prize right away, you should concern about your ticket safety. You should protect it. Keep it in a safe place that no one else knows, except you. Also, you should never sign the back of your ticket. (more…)

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